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Cape Wrath Trail

Cape Wrath Trail

My hiking boots are longing for some trail and mud underneath, and my feet are twitching nervously. It’s time to go for another adventure, for another hike! So my brother an me just booked flights to Glasgow, to head out for a very challenging trail which will bring us to the north edge of Scotland: Cape Wrath.

Cape Wrath
At the Cape Wrath Trail (photo by Stefan Klaas)

We will be hiking for two weeks, out in the wild. The Cape Wrath Trail leads from Ft. William to the north end of Scotland, Cape Wrath. Since the route is more than 200 miles long and unmarked, we won’t be able to make the whole distance in two weeks. So right now we are still working out which part of the trail we will hike: from south to north, which would leave out the beautiful northern part. Or from north to south, which will be a lot harder from the terrain, and will be hard to get to in April.

Well, we’ll see, but anyway: It looks beautiful, and I can’t wait for the hike …